Need a hint?

Need a hint on a puzzle?

Leave a comment below and ask whatever you want, but here are the rules:

Everybody is going to see the hint.

The hint may be another puzzle.


18 thoughts on “Need a hint?

    1. Well, you made me realize we had an error in the puzzle (again). Apparently I’ve been a little puzzled about this puzzle, as well.

      It’s been corrected, but I’ll also tell you that that first word has been characterized by a popular British author IN A VOICE USING ALL CAPS.

          1. I noticed the difference right after I submitted that comment but wasn’t able to delete it! You’re right, it is a small difference…but I’ve been struggling with this clue the most so every little bit helps!


  1. In Week 1, Puzzle 4 (“You might want to hang onto this for a while”) there are occasional duplicated points: for example, there are two 28s, two 671s, and two 710s. Is this as intended?

    Also, it was initially said that there would be at least one new puzzle a day. The frequency with which the puzzles appear on has not kept that pace. Granted the puzzles have secrets, but are there also secret puzzles?

    1. The duplicated numbers are an oversight (I kept writing so many numbers… I’m amazed that you caught them!), but shouldn’t change the overall finished product.

      More on the missing puzzles below (there are no secret puzzles).

  2. Hey guys – your puzzle master has been traveling and Wi-Fi has been spottier than anticipated. Coming at you with hints in a few and some other updates.. like.. what’s with the days without puzzles!?!

  3. Jackie Harvey: The whole poem refers to the answer of the poem, which is also included in the poem itself… in a way. Reading through an old catalog of Jackie Harvey articles will give you an obscure hint… maybe.

  4. Okay: Missing puzzles.

    The idea was originally to have some puzzles send you out and about to certain places in the world where you would pick up more clues. These would be puzzles for prizes rather than more clues to the final quest item. (Ooh! A hint!)

    But in reality, time and availability ran away from us.

    So INSTEAD, there are going to be a bunch of puzzles coming out in the next two days. One or two might be for the final quest item, but others will be for fun and prizes. Keep an eye out, because there’s more to come in the next two days before our anniversary party.

  5. Do you still plan to end the contest on March 1? How do we submit answers to you for the final quest and / or the other prizes?

    These puzzles have been a blast — thanks!

    1. Well, all of the answers to the puzzles with that particular icon should have something in common. Does that help? Or do you need something further?

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